While brave men fought and died on the front lines of Europe, another type of warfare was taking place behind the scenes during World War II. This other type of battle, often hidden deep behind enemy lines, was a war of secrets, lies, deceit, and even seduction. It was in this sinister underground that spy Betty Pack proved herself as World War II’s best kept secret.

bettypackBetty Pack, code name “Cynthia,” was called “the greatest unsung heroine of the war,” (OSS chief General “Wild Bill” Donovan). Her tradecraft and strategic bravery earned her a place in history. She used her beauty and brains to help the British MI6 and the OSS gain vital information during their crusade against Hitler’s Nazi regime. Over the course of her missions—many of which could also rightly be called seductions—Betty identified and engaged targets that could help her piece together the enemy intelligence that would help the Allied Troops win the war.

While much of her work for MI-6 and the OSS still remains classified, author Howard Blum found many newly-released first-hand sources from Betty’s life to write the biography of this beautiful, troubled young woman so vital to victory in World War II. In his interviews with CIA and MI6 officers, he uncovered even more about Betty’s life and work. The Last Goodnight: A World War II Story of Espionage, Adventure, and Betrayal takes readers through the harrowing, thrilling, and troubling life of the Minnesota-born society girl Elizabeth (Betty) Thorpe as she struggles to serve her country and follow her wild heart.

The Last Goodnight CoverBetty Pack’s contributions to the Allies during World War II include:

  • Passionate, loyal service to both British MI6 and American OSS offices.
  • Intel about Polish codebreaking gained through seduction of young Polish diplomat Edward Kulikowski.
  • Development and execution of a successful plan to crack a safe and steal the Vichy ciphers from the Vichy Embassy in Washington, which proved crucial to the success of the Allied invasion of North Africa.
  • Through her seduction of Admiral Lais, the Italian Naval Attache in Washington, she was able to meet a cipher clerk at the Italian Embassy who stole the Italian Naval ciphers for her—codes which helped the British destroy the Italian fleet and control the Mediterranean for the remainder of the war.
  • Groundbreaking intel from target Count Michel Lubienski that the Poles could now decipher codes created by the Germans’ Enigma machines.

“A Blonde Bond . . . Using the boudoir as Ian Fleming’s hero uses a Beretta, she was described by her wartime boss as ‘the greatest unsung heroine of the war'” —Time Magazine’s obituary for Betty Pack.

Order your copy of The Last Goodnight now, and discover the true, sensual story of World War II’s best kept secret.


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