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The Life of WWII Spy Betty Pack

April 29, 1930

ELIZABETH THORPE MARRIES ARTHUR PACK: Her British diplomat husband came from humble origins, and he thought Betty and her family connections would help him enter a more rarefied social world.

January 1936

MI-6 APPROACHES BETTY PACK: Betty caught the attention of MI-6 and became an “asset” – someone the Secret Intelligence Service could – and did – reach out to. As a diplomat’s wife, and a natural seductress, Betty had the ways and means to access powerful men and their military and government secrets.

Summer 1937

BETTY IN WAR-TORN SPAIN: A brutal war raged around her in Madrid, but Betty bravely delivered medical supplies, and connived to rescue two men, Luis Villada, the Marquez de Aruezza, and Carlos Santorius from prison.


BETTY’S FIRST OFFICIAL ESPIONAGE OPERATION: While in Poland, Betty became a full-fledged MI-6 agent, the Secret Intelligence Service’s operative in Warsaw. Betty meets and seduces her first official Secret Intelligence Service target, the young Polish diplomat Edward Kulikowski.


BETTY’S SEDUCES ENCODING SECRETS FROM COUNT MICHAL LUBIENSKI: Betty reports the groundbreaking intel that the Poles can decipher the codes created by the Germans’ Enigma machines, along with other vital operational information.

February 1941

BETTY ASSUMES THE CODE NAME “CYNTHIA”: She moves to Washington and starts a romance with Italian naval commander Alberto Lais. Betty went on to ingeniously and daringly steal the Vichy ciphers from a safe in the Vichy Embassy in Washington – an operation that was vital to the success of the Allied invasion of North Africa.

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