Betty Pack, born Elizabeth Thorpe, codename “Cynthia,” unquestionably aided the Allies toward victory in World War II through her work in espionage for the British MI6 and the American OSS. She was called, “the greatest unsung heroine of the war,” by her wartime boss, OSS chief General “Wild Bill” Donovan.

How Betty Pack Helped Win World War 2.

Betty was never afraid to use her brains, her beauty, and her body to serve her country. Through her clever tradecraft, she identified top military targets and political leaders. She used her natural charm and her cultivated powers of seduction to pinpoint the individuals working for Poland, Italy, and even the Nazi regime, from whom she could gain valuable intelligence.

Betty was a complex woman, and a woman who lived with many contradictions. While she was never loyal to her husband or children, she loyally served both the British and American armies during World War 2. Betty’s biography, The Last Goodnight: A World War II Story of Espionage, Adventure, and Betrayal, out in April from HarperCollins (available now), tells the tale of this woman torn by love and duty, and driven by power, lust, and the need for adventure. The biography is a suspenseful, page-turning espionage thriller, which is soon to be a major motion picture from Columbia/Tri-Star Pictures.

The Last Goodnight CoverQuotes from The Last Goodnight, the true story of Betty Pack:

“She had to chuck away all this comfort, this phony freedom. She needed authentic thrills, important risks.

“How could she be so passionate in her feelings about so many things, and at the same time so heartless?”

” …a flawed wife, daughter, and mother – and yet such a perfect spy…”

” Her duty was to herself. Her allegiance was to her own anarchic nature.”

“The trick, as every spy had to learn, was to pledge loyalty to whomever you were with, and to mean it with all your heart at the time.”

“She didn’t have romances, she had adventures.”

“Betty had the spy’s gift for never allowing guilt to interfere with self-interest.”

For the full, completely true, moving and passionate story of how Betty Pack helped the Allied Troops win World War II, order your copy of The Last Goodnight today.  


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