Betty Pack, The Last goodnight by Howard BlumThe pages of The Last Goodnight: A World War II Story of Espionage, Adventure, and Betrayalnew on April 12th from New York Times bestselling author Howard Blum—tell the incredible story of Elizabeth Thorpe, a stunning young woman from a wealthy American family. Elizabeth, or Betty as she was called, recognized early on that her passions ran deep.

For readers and book clubs who loved heart-wrenching stories of love and loss during World War II, like Atonement, The Book Thief, and All the Light We Cannot See, or incredible stories of true espionage like Bridge of Spies or Dark Invasion, The Last Goodnight will awaken a whole new true tale of adventure, romance, and espionage.

As she grew older, Betty found that marriage and motherhood left her unfulfilled and empty. She longed for adventure and romance, and as she strayed from her husband she felt she was always searching for her one true love. In her quest, she was introduced to a top British diplomat who quickly recognized Betty’s impressive powers of seduction. In the mid-1930’s Betty was groomed for a career in espionage against the backdrop of a world preparing for massive conflict. Over the course of World War II, Betty identified, pursued, and seduced many powerful men, including top-ranking Polish and Italian commanders. Through her series of intense love affairs, Betty uncovered privileged intelligence that would help the Allies break the top-secret codes and ciphers of the enemy troops.

One of the most astounding things about Howard Blum’s completely true account of Betty Pack’s life and career as a spy for the British MI6 and the American OSS, is that it paints a picture of a complex and conflicted woman who spent her lifetime trying to know and tame her own heart. While the book reads like a spy or romance thriller, each quote, each feeling, each thought in this exciting page-turner was taken directly from Betty’s own diaries and journals.

The Last Goodnight CoverQuotes from The Last Goodnight:

“Who could spend a long evening dancing cheek-to-cheek in La Floridita with a crowd of love-sick delegates and in the morning write a perceptive report detailing the schemes lurking in each of her dancing partners’ minds, the political maneuvers they had up their sleeves, their hidden loyalties. Who could share a candle-lit dinner with a virulent pro-Nazi, anti-British Argentine politico and have him spill the secrets that lay hidden in his soul. Who could get the most truculent Marxist delegate to abandon the barricades for an evening in return for just the hope of a little human kindness.”

“Betty’s romances were mercurial. She could throw over everything on a sudden whim, only to decide in the clarifying light of a new day that it was a passing fancy. The fulcrum of her emotions went wildly up and down, exhilaration one day, tedium the next. At great risk, she could embark on an adventurous quest to find the man who was her “one true love,” only to find herself at the same quixotic time beginning an intense affair with a man she barely knew.”

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